Our Story. . .

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Vintage photo of Mr. Ferrell in front of truck circa 1960

The business was started with a single truck and a hand-shake arrangement with the fuel distribution company. We began simply and we still believe in hand-shakes and no-fuss agreements!


Bill Ferrell as child in front of truck, circa 1961

This is Bill Jr. back when he was a youngster. He got involved in the business early and now his children are doing the same.


Vintage photo of three oil trucks probably from 1930s

Ferrell’s single original vehicle grew into a small fleet. Call us nostalgic, but we love the look of those old trucks!


An aerial view of Ferrell's earlier location

This was the first home of the company, located a few miles down the road from our current location.


Red Lacy's Express tractor trailor doing down road

In 1968 Ferrell Oil purchased Lacy’s Express Trucking and the two businesses merged forces.


Lacy Express / Ferrell Oil headquarter building not long after its construction

Soon the sister companies needed more space, so the headquarters building was built in the late 1980s.


Aerial view of Ferrell Oil location with wnding stream and fields around it

We acquired more space to accommodate both companies and all the vehicles that were involved. You can see how we’re nestled in among the winding waterways in Pedricktown NJ.


Aerial view of Ferrell Oil / Lacy Express headquarters

Here’s the most recent aerial shot of our location, taken in 2014.


Employee filling up the oil truck from pipe going to underground storage tank

Mike joined the Ferrell’s team in 2017 and is the hard-working guy you’ll see pull up when you get your fuel delivery.


Staff of Ferrell Oil standing in front of the entrance

Here’s the complete team at Ferrell’s: (L to R) Mike, Tracey, Bill Jr., Bill III, and Jason.

Black & white photo of Ferrell 10 wheel truck